Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Glue base textures update...


     So I let the glue on the bases I showed ya'll in my last post dry for the weekend and this is what I ended up with.


So the layout is this, the two main rows are Gorrilla white glue in the front and Liquid Loctite in the back.  Then the glue each got mixed with is along the top of the picture. (if that makes sense)
The three bases off to the far left are just one glue drying by itself.  The bases at the bottom of the picture is the three types of superglue with instaset sprayed on them.

Now for the closeups...

Hmmm I didn't expect that.  The foamy texture could be handy though

The Gorrilla white glue, with the various PVA is interesting.  Might work for Toxic type bases/terrain.  The only problem is most of the bubbles would be lost after painting due to the final skin the glue forms.  Maybe if the glue was tinted with some of those citadel tints...

The center one is gel superglue with instaset.  Could be a good magic pool type effect.  Not what I was looking for, but still interesting...

So, interesting.  But, not what I was looking for.  So back to the drawing board and see what I come up with...


Friday, January 6, 2017



     So its the first post of 2017.  I have been cleaning up round the place and found some time to cleanup my lair.

Ugh, I hate when I let my lair get too messy, I don't mind a little mess, but when it piles up like this it just makes it unappealing to sit down and hobby.  SO, cleaning time...

I'm thinking my next project will be a little more Sci-Fi.

So... 1K sons it is.  

With Magnus it will be a small army, maybe 20-30 models.  I think I am going to stick to units of 9 just to be fluffy.  Though its been a long time since I played 40K.  I was looking at the rules and codexes, and damn there are alot of options to make army lists now.  

So I spent a little time building some Rubric marines.  I figure 2-3 squads of Rubric marines and maybe 2 units of Terminators.  But that is getting ahead of myself...

Partially built first squad.

I also am working on a few ideas for basing.  I saw this a while back how-to-make-nurgle-base and it was a interesting idea.  
I think I am going to use greenstuff world's Dark rune roller for some of the detail.  So I went and grabbed some glues to see what effects I could get.

We will see how it dries over the next 24 hrs of so.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

To Do List 2016/17... Or Damn it's October Already???


     I am a lil late with this.  Been meaning to get round to it, but you know how it goes.  You look up and say hey I can do that tomorrow and when you look up again it's been over a month...

     So my last season didn't go as well as I would have liked, but it did help me get a few things done.  I got an army rebased, and my lair updated.  This year I am looking to be a little more consistent (Yes, I know I have said that before...)

     So what do I want to put on my Hobby schedule this time.  Well it originally looked like this

  • Rebase my Dwarfs to KOW - This one is due, I was holding off to see what was going to happening with Ranks and Flanks.  But the South has firmly embraced KOW, and The game is a great game, So I might as well bring my dwarfs over to play to...

  • Finish an entry for Armies on Parade - Probably BeastClaw Raiders.  I got an idea that would probably look pretty slick.

  • Work on some more Malifaux - These are more painting projects.  But I do have the start of an idea for a NightStalkers KOW list using Malifaux Models.

  • Get my 3d printed terrain finished up and ready to play on. - We found a great store to play at near here called Goldmine Games .  But I'm sure there will be times we just play round the house.  So it would be nice to put all my 3D printed terrain to good use.

  • Finish up my Nurgle Forces of the Abyss for KOW

But this is what I put together and wrote down in August.  So a few things have changed.

  • I cant get off work for Armies on Parade, so no point in busting my butt to finish them in time.  So the BeastClaw Raiders are turned into a painting project, which has the added feature of getting me a AOS army to push around if I wanted.

  • FreeBlade....  Damn this game lol, Now I want to paint some Knight Titans...

  • And of course everyone's old school Favorite, Genestealer Cult.   I have always wanted an army of these and they just got released.  

  • Free Space:  Cause I am sure something else will come up...
    So let's see how this goes this time.   I think my muse is finally back after her walkabout.  So maybe I will get a few things done.