Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Next WHFB tournament army...

I really need to decide on a army for next tournament season. The cheapest thing to do would be to just run my dwarfs again. I did have another theme to do with them before I moved to something new, but money is tight and I dont know if i will be able to get the bitz in time to finish em.

So while I am working on the Deathwing, I will have to start thinking on this, not a major issue. I got stuff I can run if it comes down to it, just wanna play with something new.

Deathwing - a beginning

Well I wandered into my GW last week and found out they are having a Tanksgiving battle this coming Saturday, and have a ongoing 40K campaign going on at the moment and they are a player short.

So I came home and dug through my closet and found my terminator models. I had decide to do a Deathwing army a while back but started playing Fantasy pretty much exclusively lately. So I began to assemble what I had and even finished my Belial conversion I started a year ago. I know everyone seems to like him with lighting claws, but I think the thunderhammer & stormshield looks cool.


Just a Lysander conversion, finished the greenstuff work, mainly filling gaps, almost ruined the tabard part, but i think I saved it with a judicious amount of parchment bits and purity seals.

What I got assembled so far...


Almost the full 1850 required for the campaign. I got a couple landraiders to put together and the last squad to assemble. (I hate cleaning lightning claws). To bad they won't be ready to go play tonight. So I will concentrate and the Landraiders and Dreads for this Sat. We will see how far I get. And should have everthing ready for next Weds, I hope.

later ogre

Oh this is the color scheme I worked out.


should look pretty good one the details are filled in.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So I figured I would start this off with a few pics of my workspace (the Lair)
sorry some of the thumnails are crooked, click on em and they should show up right (I hope)

I just recently got off my tail and reorganized it, I wanted to get some new paints but was outta space.

This is what it looked like before the reorganization.

During the reorganization, At this point I was really thinking this was a bad idea...

I went out and bought a bunch of mid-size containers made for tackle boxes. I proceeded to cut 90% of the models off the sprues and put them in tose boxes. I was amazed at how much space this alone saved.

I had been using a rack for my paints that was originally a rack for spools of thread. I look around town for a couple weeks without finding anything else I liked the look of, or that would work for what I needed. SO I decided to make me some shelves to hold my paint.

Finally finished and staring with a fresh slate

A rough start to see what kind of real estate the racks would take up

Framed out, this was actually the second frame I built. The first was made out of basswood, and was to flimsy for my tastes. So I went to the Home Depot and bought popular wood to use for my shelving.

First built shelf. The holes in the side were made so I could see the paint that was right up against the edge. To bad they are to high, should have been made about a half inch lower, oh well.

Finshed painted, and with paint on it

At this point I was getting in a groove so did not take anymore in progress shots. So here is the final result

The white background was a happy accident. I needed a back for the shelves and went to get black foamboard to cut to fit. All the store had was white, and since I was ready to be finished I bought it. I actually think the white turned out better than the black ever would. The OTT light I got for half off, and it sits on the bottom half of a lazy susan, so it rotates out for use and then back for storage. I did lose quite a bit a real estate with the new shelves, but it at least doubled my shelf space. So not a bad trade off.

Oh and this is the best part, I have been using wardobes and computer armoires for years for my workspace. The main reason is this

It closes, and I don't even have to clean up my mess. If you have little ones about you could also toss a latch/lock on it to keep the little ones out of trouble.

So thats my workspace, next up the closet of lost hope...

later ogre

Welcome to the Lair...


I have been lurking around the net for awhile now, and have decided to try my hand at this. Here in my Lair I will post my thoughts and musing on my hobby. My hobby is wargaming, primarily GamesWorkshop but my interests will tender wander around a bit.

So here I will be putting up pictures of completed (and not so completed) projects. This hopefully will also serve a purpose of keeping me motivated to finish things, It can get dark in my Lair and my mind tends to wander.

So welcome to my Lair, and if you hear strange sounds of muttering, various oaths, and other sounds of a more sinister nature, just beyond the reach of your light.

Do not despair its just the sounds of a ogre at work...

later ogre