Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Deathwing - a beginning

Well I wandered into my GW last week and found out they are having a Tanksgiving battle this coming Saturday, and have a ongoing 40K campaign going on at the moment and they are a player short.

So I came home and dug through my closet and found my terminator models. I had decide to do a Deathwing army a while back but started playing Fantasy pretty much exclusively lately. So I began to assemble what I had and even finished my Belial conversion I started a year ago. I know everyone seems to like him with lighting claws, but I think the thunderhammer & stormshield looks cool.


Just a Lysander conversion, finished the greenstuff work, mainly filling gaps, almost ruined the tabard part, but i think I saved it with a judicious amount of parchment bits and purity seals.

What I got assembled so far...


Almost the full 1850 required for the campaign. I got a couple landraiders to put together and the last squad to assemble. (I hate cleaning lightning claws). To bad they won't be ready to go play tonight. So I will concentrate and the Landraiders and Dreads for this Sat. We will see how far I get. And should have everthing ready for next Weds, I hope.

later ogre

Oh this is the color scheme I worked out.


should look pretty good one the details are filled in.