Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jumping on the Golden bandwagon...


Well I have went and done it. I jumped on the Bandwagon. I have been seeing how good these new Sanguinary Guard models have been looking, and I have not been getting anywhere with my Deathwing so I went out and scrounged around Houston for some new shiny models.

This is where I am at right now


I got the magnetized bases drying tonight and will put the concrete patch on them tomorrow. I also have been looking around the net for some gold painting techniques and have found a few interesting ones. I really like the look of one I found, but I need some new paints for that one.

So my plan is this 30 Sanguinary guard, 10 Death Company, and some Dreads and Drop Pods, + Characters. Not a big army, but should hit 2K easily enough. So let see how I do, I would love to have these done by June 30. Just in time for a gaming night at the local GW. So lets see how I do...