Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dante Repose and a Librarian...

Just a quick update before cleaning up and getting some more modeling in.

I stared a Dante's pose for several hours off and on, and decided I did'nt like it. So I tore him apart last night and reposed him. I only meant to repose the arms, but of course everything came apart when I was tugging ever so gently on his arms...Damn. So I redid his jumpack also, here is the result.

Reposed Dante 1
Reposed Dante 2
Reposed Dante 3
Reposed Dante 6
Reposed Dante 7

I also got my converted librarian built. It uses parts from the jumpack chaplin and the librarian with force axe.

Librarian 1

And here is the result...

Librarian 2
Librarian 5

So now I have decided to get Lemartes to run also, so I will have to get one last Astorath for his jumpack again. I also will update my challange list later today or tommorrow. I decided to move a few things around and I forgot to add my priest to the list.