Wednesday, July 20, 2011

looking for my Muse...


So a few weeks ago I realized my Muse had wandered off and left me again. She does that from time to time. So I spent a few weeks piddling around not getting much accomplished. I realized my muse wandered off because there was no room in my lair for her to hang out in. So this past 4th of July I declared my independence from clutter (yes I know it was a bad joke). I spent the day cleaning up and organizing my hobby stuff.

The Closet of Lost hope



The Lair


I actually got some work done to. I got the gold finished on 3 full squads of Sanguinary Guard. I also got to try out a new recipe for black which I got from a excellent blog, The Vanus Temple Deathwing Terminator Chaplin

Turn out better than I hoped, so now I have my black for the death company.
Well that's it for now...