Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Making a cookbook...


This past couple weeks I have been working on a couple projects that I cant show off yet. So, instead of model pics I had to come up with something else.

While taking breaks from drilling holes in my fingers I began to update my cookbook.

Per Dictionary.com:
a book containing recipes and instructions for cooking.

Well this is not a cookbook for cooking, but a book containing all my recipes for any models, custom color combos, etc. This is particularly helpful when you are painting armies for war games. It allows you to put all your color combos in one place, so when that new model you have had your eye on finally comes out you have your recipe so you can match your already painted models. I did not keep a record of my colors originally, but after the first time I could not remember how to match a existing color scheme I began to write things down.

Now, you can write these in any format you choose. I originally kept just a regular note pad with my colors and mixes wrote down. I have used this method for many years now. But, the problem is that sometimes paints go out of production, or existing paint lines update their color range.

Scaly green, Terracotta, Tentacle Pink, I am looking at you...


So while I was looking around at brushes at Hobby Lobby last week (they were on sale...) I saw the area for sketch pads and such for line drawings, etc. for the thousandth time. But I also saw some pads for watercolors. Well I decided to pick one up since I was looking to update my cookbook anyways. This is what I grabbed.


It was a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but it was on sale to.

I picked it up hoping that I could paint color swatches directly onto the pages, that way I would have a paint name and also a swatch to match the color if the paint happened to be discontinued at some point in the future.


And here is the back of that same page.


Sweet no bleed through. So now As I get time I will be migrating all my recipes over to my new book. I would suggest that you also keep a record of your mixes, etc. You may never know when you might want a particular color again. And by keeping a record you can also begin to stray out from straight outta the pot color schemes, and find a color that is truly unique. Just be sure to guard your secrets well, you may never know who is waiting to steal your colors...

Just kidding.