Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back and Moving forward...


        Well another year is winding down.  Usually about this time I put up my pledge results from the year and tell ya'll how bad I failed.  This year I did not keep a very accurate count but I failed miserably again.  So I think I am going to do something different.

         I am going to list some goals for 2013 and at the end of the year I will look back and see how I did.

2013 Goals

  • Paint more models and paint on a more consistent basis.
  • Finish at least one 40K army to completion (complete = playable)
  • Finish at least one WHFB army to completion (complete = playable)
  • Paint some models for some different games
  • Post on a more consistent basis. 
  • Play more games
  • Branch out into a few new games
  • Try and go to at least one tournament
  • Enjoy my hobby, these are goals not Deadlines...

     So these are my goals for 2013.  The painting should be doable I just need to block off sometime each week to sit down and hobby.  I am working on necrons and I am looking at a WHFB army to hit up some of the local IndyGTs here in Texas.  I have been wanting to try a few different miniature games for the past year or so, and since Asgard games in Houston have moved into their very nice new store a few months ago, I may just have to go get some games there.  

    I have been wanting to try Warmachine and Hordes, and also Malifaux.  I got miniatures for both games, I just need to get them ready to play.

Well that is it for now,  Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012...

Pic from ~mchasesteely on Divientart

As we come to a close on another year, I just want to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  I hope you enjoy the time spent with your families and return safely to your homes.  See ya'll after the new year...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

40K Servo Skull tape measure

Evening, well actually Early Morning,

    I have been plugging away at my necrons and decided I needed a quick side project to play around with.  After looking around I found this 

Ever since these were released I thought it would look so much better painted.  Recently I have seen a few pop up here and there on the net, so I decided to try my hand at it.

So some basic prep work, mainly green stuffing the seams and the screw holes, and then sand the entire thing with 2000 grit wet-dry auto sandpaper.

Then I primed it with my favorite grey primer after wrapping the first inch or so of the tape with painters tape

Then put a basic bone down
Base:  Ceramite white
Wash:  Army Painter strong tone
Dry Brush:  VGC Plague brown
Dry brush:  VGC Bleached bone

Then did the metals and the eye

And put a Gloss coat on it to protect the paint from handling, I was going to matte coat it but decided I liked the look of just the gloss.  So final pics

So this was a fun little side project, I think I may pick up a few more of these to have around when the mood strikes me to paint a quickie.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New look...

Apparently The servo skulls in the lair went haywire a few days ago. I was getting mail-ware warnings when I was trying to update the other day. Looks like it was linked to the 3rd party template I was using. So after some finagling (and reformatting of servo skulls). I decided to use on of bloggers standard templates, actually this is the third one, So far its not to bad, what do ya'll think, easy enough to look and follow or are the colors to much?

But don't be surprised if the look changes again, till I find one I like anyways...


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween...

Just dropping in to say Happy Halloween everyone, Hope everyone's Ghouls, Goblins, Vampires and Witches have a safe and fun time trick or treating.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Necron Project update...


So I have been working on my Necron project pretty steadily, no painting as of yet just assembly so far. Here is where I am at.


6 Spyders
2 X 10 Immortals with Tesla
and working on my next lord with barge.

Speaking of the lord


Just another kit-bash. Base model is Nemesor Zahndrekh with the war-scythe and head from the Command barge.

I am not completely sold on the pose yet, this was going to be my tesseract labyrinth HQ. The way the war-scythe fits will kinda block the idea I had for the labyrinth. I have a idea to place the labyrinth in the out stretched hand. I stuck it together with some putty and will look at it a while and see how I like it...

What do ya'll think?


Friday, September 28, 2012

Canoptek Spyders first 3...

Just a quick update before i wander to scrounge for food and sleep. I built my first 3 canoptek spyders last night. 2 have the Fabricator claw array which can be run as just plain spyders if I need to, and the last has a TL particle beamer.



Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Necron Project


         It's been a fairly busy last couple weeks and I have got absolutely zero hobbying  done.  I have be cruising the net more than I should have been though, thank you free WIFI.  

        During my internet wanderings I found   more specifically this post .  I really like this idea, and since I just got the new office 2010 for a steep discount through work, I decided to play around with it.

This is what I have come up with.


I like the layout of the Excel sheet, but getting it to a jpeg to upload it was a bit of a pain. Let me know if it looks okay on ya'lls end.

Well that's it for now, I hope to get some stuff done tonight, as long as I don't end up watching to many movies...


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finished Command Barge...


Just this morning I finished my first command barge. Took me a little longer than I would have liked, but its done now.


So far I like it, The touch-ups are what took the longest, but the bonus is I now know I can fix the base rusted metal color without having to totally redo the model.