Thursday, July 26, 2012

6th edition 40K

Hello again to all, long time no post,

So like everyone was I was in a kinda holding pattern waiting for 6ed 40K to drop. I was planning on a few Fantasy tournaments towards the end of this year. Unfortunately I have had to pull out of all three due to work.

This having to pull out had killed my hobby mojo for a bit. Also my muse decided to wander off and get lost again...

Since it is easier to get a game of 40k round these parts and the new edition was coming out I of course pre-ordered the ultimate edition as soon as it was posted on the advance orders.

So I got my order confirmation June 22/2012 0649 pm

6th edition 40K was release June 30/2012

I got my shipping notice July 3/2012

I finally received my order July 6/2012

So I received it almost a full week after the general release and that was even after I preordered it. So I was a bit pissed, If I knew it would have taken that long I would have just ordered it from my local GW and let them get credit for the order.

So after working the weekend and finally getting home on the next Monday I was able to open the box and see what I got.


Here is the Black envelope with the thank you letter

The Bonus stuff
Purity Seal pin
Small Poster
Postcard size covers of all the previous rulebooks
A shot of everything together, with the mug they sent out to

So overall very nice, both the Rulebook and the Collector's edition are very nice. The Templates are cool, and the dice are nice (though a bit lite). I am most surprised at the gamer's edition bad, it seems to be fairly well made. If GW keeps up their releasing books in digital format it will make a sweet bag for a Ipad. Out of all of it I think the postcards are pretty sweet, don't ask me why, I just thought it was a nice touch. I have been in and around this hobby for a while and it was cool to see all the old book covers again. Hell I remember buying Rogue Trader and the Realms of Chaos books off the shelf in a store in Metairie, Louisiana.

So to go with the new edition, the local GW in Katy, TX has started a painting league. So I signed up and decided to revisit my Necrons.

I will be trying to start regular updates at least once a month, but will try to post more often, even though I am just talking to myself ;)

So next post will be updates to the lair and the start of my revisit to Necrons.