Thursday, December 20, 2012

40K Servo Skull tape measure

Evening, well actually Early Morning,

    I have been plugging away at my necrons and decided I needed a quick side project to play around with.  After looking around I found this 

Ever since these were released I thought it would look so much better painted.  Recently I have seen a few pop up here and there on the net, so I decided to try my hand at it.

So some basic prep work, mainly green stuffing the seams and the screw holes, and then sand the entire thing with 2000 grit wet-dry auto sandpaper.

Then I primed it with my favorite grey primer after wrapping the first inch or so of the tape with painters tape

Then put a basic bone down
Base:  Ceramite white
Wash:  Army Painter strong tone
Dry Brush:  VGC Plague brown
Dry brush:  VGC Bleached bone

Then did the metals and the eye

And put a Gloss coat on it to protect the paint from handling, I was going to matte coat it but decided I liked the look of just the gloss.  So final pics

So this was a fun little side project, I think I may pick up a few more of these to have around when the mood strikes me to paint a quickie.


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