Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harbingers of Destruction...


So I have been working on converting models for my Royal Court. These are my takes on the various crypteks. I have borrowed and taken inspiration from several different place around the net, cause lets face it, the stock cryptek model sucks.

So first up is the Harbingers of Destruction or LanceTeks.

I decided to kit-bash all my crypteks from a couple different necron kits. The main model is based off the Lychguard/Praetorian Box and the Immortal/Deathmark box. This is then flavored with bits from different kits.

These are the bits I used for the Eldritch Lance. Arms from the Praetorian box, a dimensional beamer and particle caster bit from the wraith box, and a deathmark gun.

After trimming this is what I was left with, the central staff, the round base off the dimensional beamer, the majority of the particle caster (only trimmed the crosspiece off the base) and the barrel of the deathmark gun.

For these I used the Deathmark torsos, cause I think they look pretty slick with the giant lance staff look. As far as putting the lance together it was just a matter of gluing them together. and making sure they lined up straight (which is the most difficult part). When I get em all together I will go back and run a few bead of liquid green stuff to smooth the joins. I also used the deathmark heads to fit in with the codex art, so all my crypteks will feature those.

I also used two of the resurrection orb bits from the command barge, these will count as Solar Pulses if I decide to run them. You can see one on the far right, which is still waiting on his lance. I need another set of arms to finish him off.