Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moving right along...

Hello again,

So I have been making progress on my necrons. I have built 2 stalkers and 9 wraiths. I almost screwed up my two stalkers. I put the bodies together weeks ago around xmas and never got back around to finishing them. I managed to get the first stalker assembled with no problems, the second not so much. On the second one I managed to put all the leg sockets facing the same way. It took me a few minis to realize this when I was placing the legs for dry fitting. After a few choice words I tried to repair it. I was unable to get the body separated without completely destroying it. So out somes the razor saw.

I then put pins into to body and drilled holes into the sockets to hold them in place

A bit of greenstuff and some sanding, crisis adverted.

So a pic of the new assembled stuff.

Oh and I really hate assembling wraiths, so many little round parts, and those blasted whips break easily. I am gonna pick up one more box to make two full squads, I don't know If I will do the third full squad.

And a teaser pic of what my next assembly project is...