Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thurs morning update and a Cool Modular Table (Indiegogo)...


Now that the wraiths are out of the way I am making some headway on my last annihilation barge and on more command barge (last one?). Just the basic bodies put together and drying and later I will finish up the details. One is not going to have any crew because It is going to be Anrakyr the Traveller's barge. I am copying this idea I saw on The Vanus Temple, Converted Command Barge.

I also found a pretty slick Indiegogo for a modular gaming table

Modular gaming table

There is also a blog with the development and how to on the terrain tiles

Realms of miniatures

If I had the room I would be seriously thinking about supporting this. But for now all I can do is promote the link a bit.


Finally...No more wraiths


I just finished assembling my last few wraiths.

Now on to something else, I got a couple more things I want to get built and then off to prime.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weds evening...

Evening everyone,

So just a small update. Got 6 more wraith bodies assembled and finished the two destroyer lords.

And a couple of close shots of the Destroyer Lords

Nothing to fancy, Just Lychguard torsos on Destroyer bodies. I left one basic with just a scythe and the other has a scythe and resurrection orb.

Also I am debating on whether to try to put something together for

I wanted to do this last year and since it is coming up soon I may put something together. I am tempted to use my necrons, but I do not want to rush them. I could use one of my fantasy armies I have completed, that way I only have to build the board. I also have a inking of a idea for a Death Company Board. Something to think on...


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tues Morning...


So I never got around to posting Friday morning what I got finished. It was not as much as I wold have liked but i did get some things done.

I got 15 Immortals built and two finecast characters started. I also found a couple of destroyer bodies so I decided to start building two destroyer lords also.

The finecast characters were not terrible, but not great either. I tried for about a hour to get the staffs straight but both ended up breaking. I had recently read this post on Dark Future Games and decided to just wholesale replace the staffs.

On Illuminor Szeras I am going to have to resculpt the hand

On Trazyn the Infinite I just replaced both hands with bits from the lychguard box. I might pick up a few more of this model so I can run that White Dwarf scenario where there are multiple Trazyns running around, that sounds like fun, but that is for later on.

On the staffs I tried to get the feeling of the models original staff but its not exactly right, but I think it works for me.