Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tues Morning...


So I never got around to posting Friday morning what I got finished. It was not as much as I wold have liked but i did get some things done.

I got 15 Immortals built and two finecast characters started. I also found a couple of destroyer bodies so I decided to start building two destroyer lords also.

The finecast characters were not terrible, but not great either. I tried for about a hour to get the staffs straight but both ended up breaking. I had recently read this post on Dark Future Games and decided to just wholesale replace the staffs.

On Illuminor Szeras I am going to have to resculpt the hand

On Trazyn the Infinite I just replaced both hands with bits from the lychguard box. I might pick up a few more of this model so I can run that White Dwarf scenario where there are multiple Trazyns running around, that sounds like fun, but that is for later on.

On the staffs I tried to get the feeling of the models original staff but its not exactly right, but I think it works for me.