Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Armies on Parade 2013...


Was as you can guess from the title I have decided to enter Armies on Parade at the end of the month. I have been wavering back and forth between getting something together for a WHFB tournament or continuing on with my necrons. I decided to skip the tournament and get on with the necrons (tired of having alot of half finished projects around).

So my original idea was to get a hold of the FW Downed thunderhawk tile

(still a slick tile)

But between the time constraints and not really wanting to drop money on a experiment. Yes, a experiment, I am going to see if I can pull off the cracked ice look on a entire 2 X 2 tile. I was digging around and found this.

I had forget all about this, so I will be using this instead of the FW tile. I already had a 2 X 2 square from last year I didn't use. So that meant all I needed was some edges and some foam board. I went with a 3/8 X 3/8 X 24 bass square lengths and glued them along the edges.

(Double Stacked that is)

(Glued and clamped)

I also played around with a possible layout to see what all I wanted to get painted.

(Yes those are StormTalons, my Croissants of Death ain't assembled just yet)

I went with Double stacked edges so If this works I can add the Forge world tiles by sanding down the edges and placing them into the frames. Since this was a regular tile I needed to fill it up some some it would not take as much water and ice. so I cut down two pieces of regular foamboard and glued them down with gorilla wood glue.

(Bonus of being Hurricane season meant I had something to use for weighs around)

After I glued down the terrain and let it set up, I used some spackle and went around the edges of the board and terrain to seal them and smooth out the edges a bit. Not alot of smoothing because this will all be covered by ice.

I then primed everything in grey for the basecoat

(Just some broke up Sential parts from my Sacrificial bitz box till fill up the interior)

And a gratuitous priming parting shot

So that's were I am at the moment. Now, it off for some frozen pizza and greenstuffing of Immortal shoulders.