Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Last 2013 Armies on Parade update and results...


I meant to put together one final update before I headed out to GW for the Armies on Parade, but I got busy finishing things up. So this post will have the final W.I.P pics and the results from my local GW.

BTW there are quite a few pics, just a heads up.

This is the board repainted and gloss coated

This is the board with the water effects in place.

I ended up having to put two layers of water effects down, so next time I need to put more filler in the board so it doesn't use as much product.

It was at this point I kinda forgot to take pics, I managed to take a few with my Iphone. But I never got around to replacing the batteries in my camera.

Finished board with Immortals and Command Barge

I thought the board was to empty at this point so I painted a unit of Tomb Sypders

I also got through half of a 5 man royal court but ran out of time so I will finish those up later.

Some pics from the store

The board turn out better than I had thought it did, It got alot of positive comments at the store, which was nice.

These last few were taken by the store manager.

There were a few really nice boards there, so I didn't think I would place as high as I did.

I got first place. Which I am still kinda suprised about, I figured I would place in the top three but not first. I want to thank everyone who put the effort into creating their boards (we had 6 in total) and thanks to everyone who voted for me. To bad I can't head to Games Day, hopefully one of the other guys who placed can make it.

Well that's enough for now...


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