Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Overtime is a killer...


I haven't died quite yet. Just been pulling alot of overtime at work and catching up on some bills. Not fun, but it needs to be done. So I have not got much in the way of painting or modeling done in the past few weeks. I opened my lair and decided I needed to sort it out, If i get to many things on the desk at one time I get a bit turned off of sitting and painting. This is what I found

Just a bit cluttered, I was killing time on the net and was looking for some organization and remembered Back2Base-ix had some acrylic and MDF modular paint station racks. I really like the acrylic, but i think i am going to try out the MDF first.

I also got the rest of my stuff from the Evil Baby Orphanage kickstarter. I got in on the Caligula level.

and myself as a evil baby

Everything looks very cool, I got a real kick out of my card. Wish I would have been able to do me and my brother, oh well.

Speaking of Kickstarter, you should go check out this one


Its a cool game, I got the original boxes and and looking forward to this as well.

Other than that nothing much going on. I am going to clean off my desk and see if I can get a bit of painting done before I head to bed this afternoon. And my hobby ADD is starting to kick in, so don't be surprised if something besides necrons pops up in the next couple months.


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