Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some older stuff...


Its been awhile since I have had time to post some stuff. I have not been working on the Necrons like I have wanted to. Between work and being a bit burned out on them I have just been kinda staring at them the past few weeks. So I am going to clear them off the desk and work on stomething else for awhile.  In the mean time I have realized I got some pics of some older stuff I can post up.

These are pics of the last tournament army I finished.

Dwarfs:  Defence of the East Gate.
(these were taken before I refined my macro pic skills, so bear with them)

(Damn that blue background is bad, I will have to retake those eventually)
So thats my dwarfs.  I like them, I might just have to break them out again and get some games in.  I do have a few more units I can paint up....

I do need to decide on a new tournament army for 2014, I would like to hit a few tournaments.  But I cant seem to settle on a army much less a list.