Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just a quick update....


Just a quick update before I head out the door to work, ah the joys of weekend 12 hour shifts....

I did actually get almost everything I wanted assembled this past week done.  I got a little frustrated with the wold watchers so I will try and finish those up Monday.  Instead of pinning those I think I am just gonna use the greenstuff and super glue trick.

Anyways pics,

I also got the last few things i want for this batch in,

(although I seem to be missing some mannikins...)
(oh well missing parts already submitted)

That should be everything I need for all of the theme lists I am interested in, though I may look at a couple of the furry warbeasts and possibly skinwalkers before I call this complete.

And I am trying to decide on either a second Fulcrum or a second Woldwrath.... any opinions