Tuesday, January 21, 2014



     I have been reading rumors that have been circulating around the net about the hopefully impending dwarf release.  Looks interesting.

     New Hammerers and Ironbreakers would be nice, The old metals are still great but If the the new ones look anywhere as good as the past few WHFB plastic releases I will be grabbing some of them.

     A Slayer/Berserker? box sounds interesting to.  Maybe the new book will give us a option of fielding a army full of slayers similar to the old Storm of Chaos list.  I would look at a option like this very hard, sounds fun.

     I have also seen rumors of some sort of large Tunneling machine.  This would be very cool, if the model turns out good.  I was thinking it would be a transport option, but the more I think about it that doesn't sound right.  Maybe It will be a unit upgrade similar to a Doombell/Cauldron of blood.  With a option to deepstrike/tunnel or something similar to  units of Dwarfs.  If so I will be getting as many of these as I can fit in a 2500 point list.

     Plastic throne of Power would be cool to.  If they still keep oathstones in some form I will have to look at redoing my oath stone carriers.

Just me thinking out loud,

Friday, January 17, 2014

Circle update...


Not much to post at the moment still working on the last batch of circle models.

I got the stone done except for the final wash and highlights.  The sticks are based now, as soon as that drys I will finish up the sticks and ropes and start on the rune detail.  I think I am gonna get the gesso on the bases now so I can prime them this afternoon.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Pic of the Avatars of War LE Dwarf Battlestandard...


Just checked my email and got a update from the Avatars of War Indiegogo campaign. This is the only thing I ended up picking up during this one.

Thats a Big standard....

I would have liked AOW to have more of the proposed units out, esp since dwarfs are supposedly coming. I really like the look of the units they have out so far, I think it would make a great looking dwarf army for IndyGT play.   Oh well.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Looking towards 2014...


Hope everyone had a good holiday and a good new year.  Yes I know this is like two weeks into 2014, I had some thinking to do.

No, I am not quitting my hobby.

What I am doing is looking around at all the stuff I have acquired over the years and see how many half finished projects I have laying around.  I think I am going to try and spend the next year working on unfinished projects and see if I can get some of these things done.

So, for 2014

  • I will try to only make purchases that will add to or complete something I already have on the go
  • I will allow myself 1-2 new projects, with the intent of being able to work on something new that catches my eye or if my muse takes a wrong turn somewhere.
  • This does not include paints, books, etc.  The restriction is mainly for models.
So lets see where this leaves me, I have been cleaning up around the lair the past couple days and this is what I have found.

First up Circle.  I will be finishing this first

Second Necrons.  Yes that is a entire bin of necrons.  I will be working on these, but I still consider them more of a continuous long term project.

Third Sanguinary Guard, all ready built and primed

In this mess and the shelf below are Death Company, Deathwing, Ogres and Demons.
So Fourth, Fifth and Sixth

More Demons

Seventh Night Goblins

IronBreakers way back in the corner

Eighth, Nine boxes of Dwarfs.  This may tie in well for a new tournament army, since dwarfs are supposed to be release in a month.

 Ninth, Malifaux crews.

and Tenth Tomb Kings.... I don't  even remember picking up that many of those.

It's printed!
I also have my Incursion Kickstarter on the way at some point this year

And super secret project A.  I will be working on this, but it will take time...

And one last thing is a possible a Ghost warrior army for eldar, maybe?  I am also gonna try Armies on Parade again this year.  I will have to do more work on the board this time.  And I want to hit at least one of the Texas IndyGTs. and actually get some games in.

So, that's my plans for this year.  Lets see what I can get done.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

A interesting looking app for Iphones...PaintMyMinis


I was browsing around this morning and found this post on Massive Voodoo

Looks interesting, I am downloading it now and will have to play around with it some and see how well it works.

Here is a overview, including a FAQ, tutorial and features