Tuesday, January 21, 2014



     I have been reading rumors that have been circulating around the net about the hopefully impending dwarf release.  Looks interesting.

     New Hammerers and Ironbreakers would be nice, The old metals are still great but If the the new ones look anywhere as good as the past few WHFB plastic releases I will be grabbing some of them.

     A Slayer/Berserker? box sounds interesting to.  Maybe the new book will give us a option of fielding a army full of slayers similar to the old Storm of Chaos list.  I would look at a option like this very hard, sounds fun.

     I have also seen rumors of some sort of large Tunneling machine.  This would be very cool, if the model turns out good.  I was thinking it would be a transport option, but the more I think about it that doesn't sound right.  Maybe It will be a unit upgrade similar to a Doombell/Cauldron of blood.  With a option to deepstrike/tunnel or something similar to  units of Dwarfs.  If so I will be getting as many of these as I can fit in a 2500 point list.

     Plastic throne of Power would be cool to.  If they still keep oathstones in some form I will have to look at redoing my oath stone carriers.

Just me thinking out loud,