Thursday, February 6, 2014

Circle update and New White Dwarfs...


     Finally felt like sitting down and getting some painting done.  I am on the final wash stage of my current circle batch and figured I would post some stuff up while things are drying and I am awake.

Just after the final wash,  Still need to re-highlight and touch up but these are almost done

Started work on the bases, painting the stone edges first, then mask and paint the center then arc marks

Went in the the Local GW at Village Center in Katy, which is my closest store and a very good one to boot.  The manager is a great guy and is always helpful and talkative without being to pushy.  I went in for the print copies of the new White Dwarfs and picked up a few things I have wanted.

Whoo hoo New stuff...

So lets do some comparisons between the Digital Versions and the Print Versions of the New Dwarfs

 Lets Do The new White Dwarf Weekly

Front cover

The digital version is just a fairly basic ebook while the weekly is a very nice printed version.
They both are fairly short, but since it is a weekly format, that doesn't bother me to bad.

(Banner bearer enlarged as far as I could without losing quality)
One nice thing about the Digital is you can blow up the Pics to very large High quality versions.
Kinda nice.

Another Page comparison

Enlarged Digital Pic

The Digital does not have the various close-ups that the print version has.
Possibly a over-site or maybe its intentional.

Paint splatter is still here, its just broke up over several pages digitally.

There is also Jervis Johnson's monthly article, a few pages talking about monstrous creatures in the latest Nid book, and a Rules for the new Dwarf character.  Though the digital is missing the points value for some reason, probably growing pains from a new format.  Also a few miscellaneous articles like Designer notes on the new Hammers/Longbeards, etc.

Now don't get me wrong this doesn't have a ton of content, but it is a weekly format, but at least there are a few things to actually read in this.  Unlike the Warhammer visions which will be my next post.  I do like the print version a bit better than the digital, But I wont be making specific trips into town for it.

Overall its not to bad, not great, but not bad.  Most people will end up only picking up the ones with rules they are interested in.  Its not the Old White Dwarf, which is what most people are trying to compare it to.  Do I think this is a improvement?  I don't know yet.  I do know I would have rather converted my digital subscription to the White Dwarf Weekly instead of automatically getting Warhammer visions.

Just my two cents...


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