Saturday, February 8, 2014

The demise of White Dwarf...Now what do I read...


    So with the demise White Dwarf and the rebirth in its new formats, what are we going to actually read to get your hobby fix on.  Because lets face it, sometimes you just wanna read some cool new hobby stuff.

Privateer Press No Quarter:  Available digitally through Privateers app and in print

A really good magazine.  It is of course Privateer Press focused but still is a good read 
even if you don't play any of the games.

Privateer Routinely previews rules for models in their upcoming books

Guts & Gears  Background material on different units and factions 
also has tactics and uses in game for whatever the article is about 

This is one of the main reasons I started get this magazine.
Really well done painting articles with clear step by steps 

More hobby goodness, How to articles

This I thought was always interesting.  Major tournament results with the winners
lists and what they used.  Sometimes there are even small interviews with the winners to 
get some of their thoughts on their lists.

These articles are interesting.  Focused on tournament play and how to build 
lists to cover all your bases

Wyrd Chronicles:  Freebie digital download from Wyrd's website

Focused on Malifaux and other Wyrd products

Just a pic of the last content page for a overview

Some well done articles on things from painting and background to gameplay

More Hobby goodness, these could be used in almost any setting

Painting articles that range from basic how to's, to full on lessons in color theory

Ravage:  Available digitally and in print 

This magazine hurts my wallet.  Covers so many different things and I wanna try em all.

Contents page, lots of different things from Miniature games to Board games, painting articles and more

Really good game reviews

Gaming articles


Game reports

New board game scenarios

Product Reviews

and really good painting articles to.

So that's just a few I routinely read.  Any others out there I should be looking at?


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