Friday, February 7, 2014

Warhammer Visions...


Today I am going to compare the Digital and print versions of the New Warhammer Visions.

Yeap its bigger than a Ipad mini...

The way the pages end up is a little different from the print version

But since the entire mag is viewed in landscape layout, it avoids the weird 
orientation issues of the printed version

The downside is there is no ability to enlarge the pics.
Now if this a temporary glitch or intended remains to be seen.

The digital layout does cut off some of the images. Like the top of the sword

another view

But then adds to some of the pics, like the rest of this idols fist

Paint splatter.  We will have to see if this will just be a rehash of the WD weekly splatters
They do have a bunch of alternative splinter fleet schemes which is nice for ideas

The top pic on the paint splatter is interactive, similar to the Ibooks 
painting guides

Another view

So Warhammer Visions.  It is a entirely new beast, its more of a miniature art-book, than anything else.  I do wish that there was more stuff to read and not just pics.  This is mini P*@N with no exceptions.   The digital layout does keep the layout a bit better than the print version.  The print version is a very nicely printed magazine though, and would look good lined up on a shelf.  Its not a Citadel Journal or anything else we were hoping for, but if you look at it as a new entity (which it is) its not horrible.  This to me is more of a inspirational book,  I could see myself using this when I hit a wall and need to get my hobby juices flowing again.  So not awesome, but not completely terrible, as long as you look at it for what it is.  Time will tell if I renew my subscription next year...