Thursday, May 29, 2014

Looky what Showed up yesterday...


I got my package from GW yesterday

I picked up one of the Munitorum Editions of the new 40K rules. A set of the cards and the 2nd web only captain.  (still wish I would have been able to grab a few more of these)
The box is very nice, similar to the collectors Apocalypse edition.  It will look very nice displayed on a shelf.

Few pics of the contents

First layer holding the mini rule book and cards

Second layer holding the other books and the objective markers

All four books

The Munitorum edition cards on the left and the Regular release on the right
Don't know which I like more yet, the regular release do come in some very nice boxes though, should hold up to some wear and tear, the limtied ones are just in plain ol card boxes similar to a deck of poker cards.

The fold up reference sheet, might be nice for home games, but I will be screen shoting and printing and laminating from my digital version for play.

The map booklet...

Very nice will look very slick framed up

Back of the poster

Overall I think this is a very nice set.  I wont go into any rule reviews, there are better places than here to get more in depth reviews.  Hell I haven't even read them yet, just looked at the pretty pictures....


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