Thursday, May 29, 2014

Updating my Magnetized basing..


Several years ago I posted this guide up

ogres guide to magnitized bases

I have a update to this.

Apparently using the wood glue to secure the magnets is not the best of ideas, it leads to this

Rust, didn't even think of that...

So I have been trying something different.  Looking around at what I had available and what would be easiest to use i settled on trying this

Still has the self leveling I liked in the wood glue and since its resin it shouldn't rust (I hope)  It also shrinks when cured so it should be easy not to get to much on the base.
You could use 2 part epoxy, but I dislike that.  I used some before and I got the mix wrong so it never cured and stayed tacky to the touch, and since there are some harsh things in some of those I didn't care for it.

So that is what I am using currently, just figured I would give ya'll a heads up...


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