Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Well that was longer than I thought it was....


   I just realized late last week how long it has been since I updated here.  Unfortunately I have done little to no physical hobbying.  I have done some work round the house and updated my bookshelves, so that took some time and I was toying around with painting up some of the Blood angels I have languishing around in various states of unfinished-ness.

But then

Rumors started popping up.  So I think I will wait on finishing up anything.  Though the unbound rumors seem promising for my Death Company ideas...

I also registered for 

Well actually I have registered every year for the past few years, but have had to pull out due to various things.  Barring death, the zombie apocalypse, or the fall of civilization I will be there this year.  I will be taking dwarfs most likely.  So the first on my list of things to finish up is the rebasing of my old dwarf list.   I will most likely take them, unless I can get one of my other Ideas up to scratch.  We will see...

So that means I may need to get a few games in before August to warm up my dice, they are kinda dusty at the moment.

Oh, here are some pics of the new bookshelves.

What I started with

Clean walls


Painting Finished (only took 3 coats...)
still need to fix the middle bottom door...

Two cabinets are for books

The last might be more interesting...



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