Friday, July 25, 2014

Splurged a little bit...


I got a box in the other day that I splurged on a bit.

I didn't take pics of all the minis, but damn Kingdom death models are so detailed.  I am gonna have to get some practice in and up my game some before I paint an of these. Should be fun though.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

First few horde trays finished...


       I finished detailing my first couple of unit trays for my circle.

Not bad, it takes a bit more effort than just placing them into foam or a shelf.  But I like the look it gives when they are on the tray.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First batch of Dwarfs rebased...


One last update before bed.  I finished up rebasing my first three units of dwarfs and their corresponding tray.

I decided to use wood instead of metal.  The metal is great for things that will take up more of the tray, but I didn't want to waste it for WHFB units

Some scrap marble pieces for weight to let the glue set


Frames for the units

Putty for filler

Primed and ready for paint

Now for some finished pics

Turned out pretty good, I think anyways...
I think I could have crammed some more things on that tray, but i t might have been to busy, maybe a hero or two.  maybe next time.


Hordes trays...


I decided to work on the Tablewar trays I put together for my circle.

Got the gesso on them and prime and started up on the painting.

I also cleaned up my painting area.  If it gets to bad I never get anything done, I will just shut the door and walk away...


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Finally got something done...


I finally finished re-basing my first unit of my dwarfs.

I think they look much better now, amazing what a updated base will do
Now I think I'm gonna have to redo my ogres to...

2 units of warriors rewashed and waiting on their new bases

I also did some work on some Tablewar trays for some of my circle

Washers glued down

Filler, I like this stuff do to the color change when dry

fresh filler

dry filler

Cork added and picked.  Just needs the Gesso and prime and paint

Well thats it for now,  I am gonna continue to work on the rebasing, but I am almost out of umbral umber and need to order more.