Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Can't see the Forest for the Trees...Part 1


   Well after some jumping back and forth between different ideas and not being able to settle on anything.  I decided to go ahead and work on some Wood Elfs, more specifically Forest Spirits.   I will most likely end up putting some elfs with them, but this will mainly be about the trees.  I figured what I would like to get done I already have besides 1 box of dryads and maybe a couple boxes of elfs.  I finished up some test models

I think I may change out the eye color and match the vines/leaves, but I haven't decided yet.

Right now I'm working on getting the bases and unit trays textured and ready for paint so I finish them in a nice large batch.  Then I have 3 sprues of dryads to build and I will be ready to start painting the first batch/unit.   


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