Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So far this week...


      So far this week I have been make steady progress for a few things.   I got my two Tablewar trays for my Dwarfs, textured and primed and ready for paint.  I also got Cassius and his trees' basecoat touched up and their tray ready to go.

      I also have put together my first Malfaux crew.   Well not the first I did do a little Pandora crew a few years back for a painting contest.   But, this is my first crew I built for the gaming table.   And I know its been said before but JEEEZ are some of these connection points small.  I ended up having to use copper wire and a really small bit to pin a few things.  I hope they hold up well enough I don't have to pin everything...

Yeah I Know a mess, but at least its a semi productive mess

Rotten Belles and Madame Sybelle

Another Belle, copycat and Seamus.  And if they work out as I hope a couple of Dead Doxies

And their tray, should be cool if I turns out like I have it in my head

     So I'm waiting on some greenstuff to dry, then sand and prime.   Then clean up and get some painting started.   Should be fun  I picked up these

     To play around with while I'm painting dead zombie Belles.


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