Thursday, January 8, 2015

Start of a New year...


     Well the holidays have come and gone, I hope everyone had a safe and Holiday season.  Time to get back to some Hobbying.

     So what do I want to do this year hobby wise:

  • Paint on a more consistent basis
  • Get some more games in
  • Try some new games
      First off is to get my lair cleaned up,  A few weeks of sitting around leaves a mess

     Once I get this messed cleaned up, I think I'm gonna finish out those dwarf trays I started, maybe finish out my Dwarf airforce.  

     On that note:  Besides some odds and ends and the End times stuff, I think I am gonna put a moratorium on buying GW stuff,  Till the rumors of the next edition settle down at least.  I'm not to worried, but If they change the game in to drastic of a way I might be sticking with 8th.   But we will see, I got so much invested in GW they will really have to jump the shark and pretty much squat all the armies to make me drop it.  Even then I will keep a open mind till it gets released.

     I also am gonna try out Malifaux,  I got a few things sitting round here and I ordered a couple things to finish out some crews, so thats first on my list of things to do.  I am gonna start with a Seamus crew and a Yan Lo crew.  Maybe something else, we will see...

     Last thing, my brother got me a pretty freaking sweet xmas gift this year

    Yeap I got a 3d printer.   So i have been playing with it 

This last one is from 
First part of a house.

     So this should be cool to play with, I got lots of stuff downloaded to print and mess with.   But the printable scenery stuff is pretty damn slick.   So if anyone know of any really good places to find 3D printable stuff let me know.