Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thurs morning...


        So I did some work on texturing the Tablewar tray.  I used one of my Basius pads from WarGamesBakery.  On a side note I cant wait to get some of the new pads, I missed out on the kickstarter, but I will be picking some up when they are available.

I used some paint to mark the greenstuff so I could cut out the circles

     One thing I have noticed is that i should have just left the tray empty and used the green stuff to fill in the gap.  Now I am gonna have to raise the insides of the the circles so that the bases sit evenish with the rest of the the tray (esp with the new thinner wyrd bases).  I am also gonna have to do a bit of sculpting and filling in the gaps.  A bit of green stuff and some fine sand and it should be good.   I am gonna go press out a couple more rows of stone now and try and finish this up to the point of being primable by tomorrow morning.   hopefully

    I am also trying to decide on my second crew,  Yan lo, Tara, Von Schill, or maybe Hoffman.  


Power Rangers....


     Remember when you were younger and Power Ranges was still awesome.   Check this out

    I would totally watch a series of this, that was a awesome vid.  I just had to share.

and yes I know I just dated myself...


Tuesday, February 24, 2015



     I did'nt get much of anything done last week, so I am still working on my Seamus crew.  I did play around with a idea for a Tablewar tray for them.   I am thinking about getting one of the smaller cases to carry a crew or two around at a time.   I have been reading up on the rules of Malifaux and if I understand them so far, you pick out crews after the scenarios are determined.   Also since you can pretty much run alot of combinations of models, I think I am going to stick with similar basing styles for each faction.  This way I can swap models if I want to but still theme them somewhat.

     So this is what I got so far for a Seamus tray

Lets see how this goes

The Building is a little small, but I think it works

Or Seamus is just tall....

     Im gonna see about some texture on the base and then bed.   


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Later Thurs morning...


Just a few quick pics of my progress


Thurs morning...


           Started working on my Seamus crew this morning

First up the women

First coat of paint of paint on the skin, other than half breaking off the bases and needed to be reglued, so far so good.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tues morning update...

Morning again,

       So am I heading in the right direction...?


Its Tuesday....


      So whats up everyone.  Time to get started on a new little project before I really decide what I'm painting up for my first WHFB army.  (still probably gonna be wood elfs).   I started my first malifaux crew this morning.

      Starting with a Seamus crew.

Assemble and primed, the armless/headless one in the front is so I can play with some colors first

Ooooo, new paints 

First steps, gonna play with the skin a bit, and see if I can pull of the stocking effect?
(that sounded kinda creepy...)

    I think i have decided on the paint scheme.  I'm gonna try black dresses with differing accent colors.  Seamus will get a black suit, i think.   Will have to see what happens as the paint falls.   City bases with something to make them pop a bit.  Then the tray, and done.  Then I can go play some Malifaux.  I also have ideas congealing in the ether for a Yan lo crew. (Master of the Path, gotta have a path then...??)

and for my A Tale of WMH 2015 submission, 2 Wold Guardians and a Wilder

At least one will be finished, I hope...

Thats it for now,


Friday, February 6, 2015

Late Friday Morning...


         So I couldn't sleep.  So instead of tossing and turning I decided to finish these up

Cassius and Wyrmwood
4 Gallows Groves
Finished Tablewar tray

So off to bed and see if i can get a few hours sleep.   Next up some Malifaux


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Early morning...

Morning again,

    I've been making steady progress so far.

Just waiting on the final rune highlight to dry, then wash the runes orange.   After that dries its the final wash mix, then finishing touches.


Its 3am do you know where your models are...

Morning, very early morning...

    So since I'm up and about I figured I might as well get some painting done.

                                         CD Review: Amaranthe – Massive Addictive
Got some Music running, and time to get some painting done

Gratuitous desk shot


and Cassius and Wyrnwood

Lets see if I can these done this morning, see ya'll in a few hours


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Basing Material...


     I just got my order for some more basing material yesterday and figured I would put some pics up to what you get in the kit.  

     I was originally using SkullCrafts, but unfortunately they closed down as far as I can tell.   So i started looking around for a replacement.  I found Basecrafts, which you can find here  Model Display Products , just search for basecrafts.   They don't seem to sell anything individually, just kits.   But everything in the kit can be useful.    I picked up a few of the Autumn kits to be able to finish up my Circle and Forest Spirits  

OK three kits, what?  I like to stockpile....Never know what your going to need after the Zombie Apocalypse

Box opening.  The little baggies are free samples from their other kits

Contents out of the box with Cassius hanging around as a handy scale reference
(and see Zombies creeping around in the background, gotta always be vigilant)

A nice variety of things to use for making bases.  All useful

My main reason for this kit Autumny leaves

some flock, as you can see all the containers are nice and full, The only reason I go through as much as i do is the Tablewar trays, but they look cool.

so that's it for now.  I think they are some really nice kits and they have something like 12 different styles you  can choose from.  Next on my list to pick up are the Ancient temple and Steampunk kits.