Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Basing Material...


     I just got my order for some more basing material yesterday and figured I would put some pics up to what you get in the kit.  

     I was originally using SkullCrafts, but unfortunately they closed down as far as I can tell.   So i started looking around for a replacement.  I found Basecrafts, which you can find here  Model Display Products , just search for basecrafts.   They don't seem to sell anything individually, just kits.   But everything in the kit can be useful.    I picked up a few of the Autumn kits to be able to finish up my Circle and Forest Spirits  

OK three kits, what?  I like to stockpile....Never know what your going to need after the Zombie Apocalypse

Box opening.  The little baggies are free samples from their other kits

Contents out of the box with Cassius hanging around as a handy scale reference
(and see Zombies creeping around in the background, gotta always be vigilant)

A nice variety of things to use for making bases.  All useful

My main reason for this kit Autumny leaves

some flock, as you can see all the containers are nice and full, The only reason I go through as much as i do is the Tablewar trays, but they look cool.

so that's it for now.  I think they are some really nice kits and they have something like 12 different styles you  can choose from.  Next on my list to pick up are the Ancient temple and Steampunk kits.