Tuesday, February 24, 2015



     I did'nt get much of anything done last week, so I am still working on my Seamus crew.  I did play around with a idea for a Tablewar tray for them.   I am thinking about getting one of the smaller cases to carry a crew or two around at a time.   I have been reading up on the rules of Malifaux and if I understand them so far, you pick out crews after the scenarios are determined.   Also since you can pretty much run alot of combinations of models, I think I am going to stick with similar basing styles for each faction.  This way I can swap models if I want to but still theme them somewhat.

     So this is what I got so far for a Seamus tray

Lets see how this goes

The Building is a little small, but I think it works

Or Seamus is just tall....

     Im gonna see about some texture on the base and then bed.