Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Its Tuesday....


      So whats up everyone.  Time to get started on a new little project before I really decide what I'm painting up for my first WHFB army.  (still probably gonna be wood elfs).   I started my first malifaux crew this morning.

      Starting with a Seamus crew.

Assemble and primed, the armless/headless one in the front is so I can play with some colors first

Ooooo, new paints 

First steps, gonna play with the skin a bit, and see if I can pull of the stocking effect?
(that sounded kinda creepy...)

    I think i have decided on the paint scheme.  I'm gonna try black dresses with differing accent colors.  Seamus will get a black suit, i think.   Will have to see what happens as the paint falls.   City bases with something to make them pop a bit.  Then the tray, and done.  Then I can go play some Malifaux.  I also have ideas congealing in the ether for a Yan lo crew. (Master of the Path, gotta have a path then...??)

and for my A Tale of WMH 2015 submission, 2 Wold Guardians and a Wilder

At least one will be finished, I hope...

Thats it for now,