Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thurs morning...


        So I did some work on texturing the Tablewar tray.  I used one of my Basius pads from WarGamesBakery.  On a side note I cant wait to get some of the new pads, I missed out on the kickstarter, but I will be picking some up when they are available.

I used some paint to mark the greenstuff so I could cut out the circles

     One thing I have noticed is that i should have just left the tray empty and used the green stuff to fill in the gap.  Now I am gonna have to raise the insides of the the circles so that the bases sit evenish with the rest of the the tray (esp with the new thinner wyrd bases).  I am also gonna have to do a bit of sculpting and filling in the gaps.  A bit of green stuff and some fine sand and it should be good.   I am gonna go press out a couple more rows of stone now and try and finish this up to the point of being primable by tomorrow morning.   hopefully

    I am also trying to decide on my second crew,  Yan lo, Tara, Von Schill, or maybe Hoffman.