Thursday, April 30, 2015


Morning everyone,

     So time for the next project.   I was kinda expecting to see more 9th edition WHFB stuff out buy now.  I was going to wait till we see what is going to happen before I get to involved on a new WHFB project, but I may just say the heck with it and start something.   But for now another small project.

Gratuitous unopened box shot

     Time for some Outcasts.  I thinking Von Schill and company.  I figured I would knock out another Malifaux crew while I am decided what to work on for WHFB.  I am still thinking my Tree Spirits, but I hate to get halfway through it and find out that I need to rebase everything or they get squatted...

So first off, is to magnetize the bases and get the display started.   I think I need to order a few bits, which in the case of Malifaux means another crew box...   


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Seamus and crew done...


    Just before I crashed this morning, I finished up my Seamus crew.  I think they turned out pretty good.

I did each of the Belles in a different accent color to differentiate them on the table

These two are Dead Doxie conversions, using Beckoners as a base


Madame Sybelle, I think she is my favorite out of the bunch

Seamus turned out better than I was expecting

Not really happy with the copy cat, im sure the base is gonna break at some point

Finished Tablewar display.  Turned out pretty slick if I do say so myself 
I also left a few blank bases in case I want to add something to the crew later.

Easter egg time,  Laying up against the wall is a copy of WYRD Chronicles.
I may have to do that for all my Malifaux Displays

I think the discarded news papers turned out good.  All I did was scale down some vintage style pics and print them on parchment paper.  Then gave them a wash with the army painter zombie wash.

Now, what to do next...


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

First belle done...


     Just finished up my first Rotten Belle.   I think it turned out pretty good, what do ya'll think


Getting closer...


     I was just setting down to get some painting done, and figured I would take a quick pic of where I'm at.  I finished the display tray last week and threw the crew on it it to see how it looked.

    I may have to go back and clean up the building a bit, but I'm gonna finish out the crew and then decide.  Its getting close to time to move to something else.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday again...


    I'm getting pretty regular about the thursday updates, maybe I need a name for em...

Anyways, Just a few quick pics.  Making progress on my Seamus crew.  The Belles are getting close to being completed and the tray is coming together pretty well.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Finally getting something done...


     So I have been putting off finishing up the Display tray for my Seamus crew for a few weeks.  Mainly because I didn't think it was going to work.     I figured I would have trouble matching up the sculpting from the stamps and was trying to figure out a way to just use the stamp to finish up.  Yesterday I figured what the hell and went ahead and knocked it out.

First up was trying to finish the 3D printed parts

Little bit of a acetone bath to cleanup the lines.  
Worked pretty good, still need to practice with it a bit more.
You have to be careful with this, its possible to lose to much detail.  
Which is what happened to these, should turn out ok, I hope...

This is one my issues, The base set way to low.

Quick trip to the local hardware store and a few washers later

Much better

Filling in the gaps left by the stamp.  Oh and I added a smaller washer to the 
interior of each of the washers, just for a bit more magnetic contact. 

Close up

Working on the upper level

Woot, finished, with greenstuff anyways...

I added a bit of Water effects to level and seal the washers.
Not needed but what the heck.

Used some postcard and a pin top for a door.

and some plasticard for the sidewalk edging. 

I also added some grit and ballast to add a lived in look.
and to fill in some gaps...

So this is where it was before priming.   Right now its drying and should be ready for paint soon.
What do ya'll think.