Thursday, April 9, 2015

Finally getting something done...


     So I have been putting off finishing up the Display tray for my Seamus crew for a few weeks.  Mainly because I didn't think it was going to work.     I figured I would have trouble matching up the sculpting from the stamps and was trying to figure out a way to just use the stamp to finish up.  Yesterday I figured what the hell and went ahead and knocked it out.

First up was trying to finish the 3D printed parts

Little bit of a acetone bath to cleanup the lines.  
Worked pretty good, still need to practice with it a bit more.
You have to be careful with this, its possible to lose to much detail.  
Which is what happened to these, should turn out ok, I hope...

This is one my issues, The base set way to low.

Quick trip to the local hardware store and a few washers later

Much better

Filling in the gaps left by the stamp.  Oh and I added a smaller washer to the 
interior of each of the washers, just for a bit more magnetic contact. 

Close up

Working on the upper level

Woot, finished, with greenstuff anyways...

I added a bit of Water effects to level and seal the washers.
Not needed but what the heck.

Used some postcard and a pin top for a door.

and some plasticard for the sidewalk edging. 

I also added some grit and ballast to add a lived in look.
and to fill in some gaps...

So this is where it was before priming.   Right now its drying and should be ready for paint soon.
What do ya'll think.


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