Thursday, April 30, 2015


Morning everyone,

     So time for the next project.   I was kinda expecting to see more 9th edition WHFB stuff out buy now.  I was going to wait till we see what is going to happen before I get to involved on a new WHFB project, but I may just say the heck with it and start something.   But for now another small project.

Gratuitous unopened box shot

     Time for some Outcasts.  I thinking Von Schill and company.  I figured I would knock out another Malifaux crew while I am decided what to work on for WHFB.  I am still thinking my Tree Spirits, but I hate to get halfway through it and find out that I need to rebase everything or they get squatted...

So first off, is to magnetize the bases and get the display started.   I think I need to order a few bits, which in the case of Malifaux means another crew box...   


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