Saturday, April 25, 2015

Seamus and crew done...


    Just before I crashed this morning, I finished up my Seamus crew.  I think they turned out pretty good.

I did each of the Belles in a different accent color to differentiate them on the table

These two are Dead Doxie conversions, using Beckoners as a base


Madame Sybelle, I think she is my favorite out of the bunch

Seamus turned out better than I was expecting

Not really happy with the copy cat, im sure the base is gonna break at some point

Finished Tablewar display.  Turned out pretty slick if I do say so myself 
I also left a few blank bases in case I want to add something to the crew later.

Easter egg time,  Laying up against the wall is a copy of WYRD Chronicles.
I may have to do that for all my Malifaux Displays

I think the discarded news papers turned out good.  All I did was scale down some vintage style pics and print them on parchment paper.  Then gave them a wash with the army painter zombie wash.

Now, what to do next...


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