Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Incursion has begun...

Well after that last little ranty post, how about something a bit more optimistic.

My Incursion Kickstarter arrived last week.

Some awesome box art, will look great on the game shelf

Back of the Incursion box

Thats a nice thick box

Nicely printed rulebooks

Couple of cheat sheets

Pics of a few models

Pics of a few models

Pics of a few models

Pics of a few models

Pics of a few models

Pics of a few models

Pics of a few models

SNAFU rulebooks

A few of the counters

The model quality is good for a boardgame, I also have the metals squirreled away.  I will have to dig em out for a comparison one day

Cool Clear brain jars for the drones

Small box of the extra Buckets of Blood models

   This was well worth the wait, it looks awesome and I cant wait to get it on the table and run the game through its paces.


Well that is disappointing...


     So Age of Sigmar got released....  What in the hell...

    I sat down and reread the rules again this morning, thinking I needed to give it another look, maybe I missed something.  Nope, only four pages, kinda hard to miss anything in only four pages.  And the warscrolls for the old armies...I will mention those again later.

    So, I keep reminding myself this isn't Warhammer Fantasy Battles, this is Age of Sigmar.  And as of right now I still ain't impressed.  Unless these four pages are a quick start ruleset, which they might be since there are alot of things still undefined on the warscrolls.  Its not what I am currently interested in playing, I didn't invest years of money and time building up armies, to now play a 4 page ruleset of a skirmish game.  I keep reading how Fantasy was  dieing, that the rules are to complicated to learn, that the model count is a barrier to play.  Yes, I agree fantasy never did have the appeal of 40K, but they could have done something better than this Age of Sigmar release.  As far as the rules being complicated, The only difference between 40K and WHFB was mainly the movement rules, everything else was using basically the same ruleset.  So if 40K is so popular, that means alot of people were able to read and understand a 100+ page ruleset with minimal problems.  So whats the difference in adding a few more rules to movement.  And the large number of models, yes thats a community error.  Yes I built several 2500+ points armies and I want to play with them.  But When was the last time you saw GW promote a smaller game in a White Dwarf?  So that is kinda on both of us.

     Truthfully this release feels like GW just gave up.   I mean GW spends the last year to year and a half promoting large epic End Times games, with new models and The great new Large character kits.  Then releases Age of Sigmar and says yes you can play with your old models but we are going to put these humorous (which are not anywhere close to being funny) rules in.  But its now a skirmish game, so those large regiments you have built up, yeah you wont need those.   And with the army selection rules we have now, means to play a "balanced" game means you need to haul most of your collection around to ensure a balanced game.  Just so you have options to respond to your opponent's unit drops.   I think GW would have got more mileage out of the  old armies warscrolls with out having the humorous rules, I hate to break it to you but Its pretty damn stupid to put in rules for vintage characters that require a beard/mustache, or riding/talking to a invisible horse.  All GW is doing is driving away the vets of the game, which I guess might be their point...  Seems like most of the people that say they are interested are people who nevered played WHFB, or people who used to then quit.  I have only heard a small minority in my area that currently play WHFB that also like this ruleset.

     I am glad they released the rules for free, It means I didn't waste any money on the starter set.  And unless they do something drastic with the "rules" I wont be bothered picking them up.  Maybe we will get a BRB in a few weeks and this just turns out to be a starter ruleset, maybe not.  The rumblings in my area is most if not all of us are going to Kings of War.  So barring some 40K stuff as painting projects and A few more things of the "legacy" WHFB models before they start going out of production, so I can finish up a few army ideas and unfinished projects, I wont be worried about picking up Age of Sigmar stuff.  Which kinda sucks because other than the lame Sigmarines the models do look great.  Just to bad the rules don't match the model quality at all...

    Here is to hoping someday GW will do something with this "ruleset", then and maybe then I will try Age of Sigmar again, but we will have to see.....