Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pics from Bayou Battles 2015...


      Last weekend I went to what will most likely be my last WHFB tournament.  Kinda sad, but it was still a fun weekend.  I got five great games in, and had fun.   I lost all five games, but that is pretty much par for course for me.

I did pick up the Armchair general award (Sports+Comp-Battle) and got a copy of Triumph and Treachery and some dice, which was cool.

Here are some pics, not all the armies that were there, just the ones that caught my eye and I remembered to take a pic of.

Few pics of my army in the hotel room

Ouch, getting double charged by dragons hurts

My Dwarfs impersonating Monty Python.. Run Away, Run Away

Thats alot of Big Gribblies

Hot sweaty Dwarf on Dwarf Action.  A great way to end the Tournament

So on to the next.   Now to decide what to work on now? Since everyone seems to be preaching the word of Mantic.  Most likely some Kings of War, I'm playing with some ideas for a Forces of Nature list to make some use of all the Trees I picked up.  


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