Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015/16 Hobby Season...The To Do list...


     A few weeks ago I was browsing around the web and came across this post on 40K addict  The 2015/16 Hobby Season starts soon, join me!.  I really  like the idea and since my muse has a tendency to wander off now and again, it might help provide me with some drive to keep up with my hobbying on a more regular basis.   The death of WHFB really did kill off my hobby drive the last few months, but ever since Bayou, the itch has started again.

    So what are my plans for this year, lets see...

  • Get a set of terrain and a mat ready for gaming.  One of my gaming buddies has a great table set up but the terrain is lacking, and after playing all the Bayou games on F.A.T. mats.  I am going to pick one up and match a full set of terrain to the table
  • Rebase a army for Kings of War.  As of right now the south (Texas) at least is leaning towards Kings of War to be our replacement for WHFB.  The rule set seems nice and I can use a lot of what is hanging around the Closet of lost hope.
  • Edit some movement trays for printing.  This will be a bit ongoing as I need them
  • Work on some Necrons.  More of a painting project, I got a ton of necrons hanging around, might as well paint some.
  • I have several Ideas for new armies and I would like to finish at least one
  • Forces of Nature/Kingdoms of Man/Orcs/Goblins/Dwarfs  assuming we stick with KOW that is
  • Paint some Malifaux Crews including the display trays
  • Paint a stand alone project or two.  Just for funzies
  • Post on a more regular basis
  • Digitize my old white Dwarfs

     So thats what I think I am planning on doing at this moment.  Of course this may change depending on things that happen.  So I may add to the list...

     First up is the Rebasing and Terrain.   I am working on printing trays right now.  I found a few on thingiverse I liked, but i wanted to change a few things so I am teaching myself how to do minor edits and so far it seems to be working.