Thursday, September 3, 2015

First Batch of KOW trays...


     So for my first batch of KOW trays, I am doing Large infantry trays for my ogres.


Looks good.  I moved the dice tray into the footprint of the unit , I didn't want it hanging out the back like some of the others I have seen,

Dice tray is a bit to small, I want to use 16mm dice for wound trackers, easier to handle than 12mm, for me anyways.

A little better, I also added a couple of holes for magnets.  I also realized at this point since i merged the templates for the tray and the dice tray, I couldnt resize one without resizing the other. 

So I seperated them, final dice tray.

The unit tray size looks good, a little big by a couple mm.  But once I take a bit of sand paper to smooth the edges a bit should be close enough for gaming.

Final version of Large infantry Horde 120mmX80mm

First batch printed.  Now to add a bit of Bass wood to add backing for the magnets, then cork and texture.

I also acetone washed one of my trees to prime and test paint today.


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