Friday, September 4, 2015

Test Tree...


     Last night I manage to mostly finish up a test tree.  All that is missing is some flocking around the base of the tree, but I figured I would look at it on and off for the next few days and see if I like it before finishing it off.  One interesting thing is i can vary the tone a bit, cause I found a few different colored artist inks for the final shading, So i will probably vary the trees a bit.

Primed and ready.  Then I realized I didnt put any gravel on the base

Had to play around with the mix a bit, but I think this works

Another shot

Realized my trays are'nt deep enough for my magnets, so this is a quick fix.  I will have to make them a bit deeper for the next army.

First Step

Second step

Third Step

Fourth Step

Ended up being a little Dark So I went back a drybrushed a bit, and painted the gravel


Another view,  I think it works, once I add some flocking around the base.  I figure I will change the ink used on every few trees to add some variations.

     So what do ya'll think?  Acceptable for Fantasy terrain?