Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Basing Continues...


    Still Working on rebasing.  But making progress.  I got all 6 horde trays I have printed textured and primed.

 Could Have sworn I took more in progress pics, hmmmmm

Anyways,  I decided to use my most current basing scheme for them, the same I use for my Circle.  I did change out the colors and use cheaper craft paints, but the effect is similar.

Cooool, progress...

I then proceeded to tear off the old bases and glue my ogres directly to their new swanky trays.


I decided to take a break here, I need to figure out what exactly I want to use in a 2K army for a bit.  I got a couple other projects, I am going to work on this month. So I really don't want to have to paint assembly anything for these right now.  Though the posts for those other projects will have to wait till next month

So I am off to build a list.


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