Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Turkey Day...


     I hope everyone out there has a safe and happy thanksgiving, with family and friends.  

     Now I am off to hang with the folks and ponder if I should order more Wyrd stuff.....


Monday, November 9, 2015

More Jack Daw WIP pics...


I realized I missed posting a earlier draft I had worked up that had more of the WIP pics of my Jack Daw crew.   So I figured I would go ahead a throw them up.

Blank tray, so many possibilities.   One of the things I like about these Malifaux projects I have done/planned is coming up with a theme for the crew.

Since I was doing a Jack Daw crew, I went and dug out my nightmare hanging trees, I bought years ago.

I ended up removing the hanging figures.   Two reasons;  One is that I broke one just playing around with placement, so I didn't think they would survive handling, the second is they are smaller than the other figures I was gonna be putting on the base, it looked kinda weird.

I sunk the trees and the washers into the cork.  And then added the ballast

Ballast done

Gap filling.  I watered down some milliput and tried that.  Worked pretty good, still had to use greenstuff later to fill in some deeper gaps.

I decided that the trees needed something else.  I went to Walmart and found some florist wire that had a braided patteren and was close to the right scale. and then kinda learned how to tie a noose, at least it looks like enought of a noose for my purpose. 

one for each tree

Post first prime, where I realized I still needed to clean up some gaps.

rope turned out pretty good I think though

Final prime, though I should have just primed black, because i ended up painting it black.  I was trying grey to do some pale deadish trees.  Turned out black was the best starting point anyways.


Malifaux; Jack Daw Crew...


     This was supposed to be my entry for the Wyrd Rotten Havest competition.  But, I didnt finish it in time.  I was having to much fun playing around with the colors on the trees.  Took me awhile to get the color I was looking for.

Trees Pretty much as I wanted them

With most of the basing done, I think I'm gonna add a couple more elements to add a color

Hanged, The ropes are almost complete, decided it wasn't worth the headache of trying to get them to line up exactly.  Man does Wyrd like their tiny ass parts, they do look great though. 

Nurse, Probably will go with a black outfit with a brighter spot color.  Most likely orange since that's what I was planning on using as a primary color.  

Back shot of the nurse, since I can't seem to find a shot of Montressor

The gold will hopefully look a bit more like a noose after painting


This guilty i couldn't think of a interesting way to stand him without looking cheesy

These two I drilled a couple holes and added a small GW flight stand to add a bit of movement

All Assembled and in their places, now off to prime and paint.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Kickstarter for you to check out...


     I was just browsing around on Kickstarter and found this

Illumistation - Created by Westwood Woodworks

Very Nice, If you are in the market for a portable paint station, this looks like a good one.  
Here it the link for the Kickstarter;  Illumistation - Created by Westwood Woodworks

Give it a look, hell I may back it to if I can come up with the funds.  May come in handy someday, esp considering all my late night hotel pre tournament paint sessions...