Monday, November 9, 2015

More Jack Daw WIP pics...


I realized I missed posting a earlier draft I had worked up that had more of the WIP pics of my Jack Daw crew.   So I figured I would go ahead a throw them up.

Blank tray, so many possibilities.   One of the things I like about these Malifaux projects I have done/planned is coming up with a theme for the crew.

Since I was doing a Jack Daw crew, I went and dug out my nightmare hanging trees, I bought years ago.

I ended up removing the hanging figures.   Two reasons;  One is that I broke one just playing around with placement, so I didn't think they would survive handling, the second is they are smaller than the other figures I was gonna be putting on the base, it looked kinda weird.

I sunk the trees and the washers into the cork.  And then added the ballast

Ballast done

Gap filling.  I watered down some milliput and tried that.  Worked pretty good, still had to use greenstuff later to fill in some deeper gaps.

I decided that the trees needed something else.  I went to Walmart and found some florist wire that had a braided patteren and was close to the right scale. and then kinda learned how to tie a noose, at least it looks like enought of a noose for my purpose. 

one for each tree

Post first prime, where I realized I still needed to clean up some gaps.

rope turned out pretty good I think though

Final prime, though I should have just primed black, because i ended up painting it black.  I was trying grey to do some pale deadish trees.  Turned out black was the best starting point anyways.


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