Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Kickstarter. Printable Scenery


     I know its a bit late, been a little busy round here.   But there is a Kickstarter currently running.

WINTERDALE: Medieval Fantasy Citadel Collection for 28mm

Its put on by

Printable Scenery

    Last year I got a 3D printer and have been playing around with it ever since.  When I started looking around for printable files I came across Printable Scenery's website.  I downloaded a couple and I was impressed.  The detail you get from their files are exponentially better than most of the ones that you can find on some of the free sites, like Thingiverse.

    If you are considering getting a 3D printer at any point in the future,and are interested in using it for wargaming stuff.   You should definitely go check out this Kickstarter.  They are already funded and are working on stretch goals.  I already have quite a few of their files, but I went ahead and backed anyways to help them out.

   Right now I am finishing up printing enough scenery for a table.  I just have to print out some more trees and get everything cleaned up and painted and they will be ready for some Kings of War.  I will post up a review of the printer and prints later this evening.