Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Printer review and Printable Scenery examples...


     So the 3D printer I have been using for the past year is a Da Vinci 1.0.

     Now, I will say this.  This is my first experience with a 3D printer and I am still learning different tweaks and ways of doing things.   But, so far I think this is a great printer for the cost, which is under 500 bucks.   This printer does use cartridges(one of the reasons the printer is cheaper), instead of spools like most other printers I have seen.  The cartridges run around 30 dollars each and I can usually get 3-5 prints from each cartridge depending on the settings I use.  I do like the fact that it is completely enclosed, but that can be a pain if/when you need to replace parts.   I do suggest going to thingiverse and printing out some of the spare parts found there.  In the past year I have had to replace a couple of the axis bushings, they cracked from use.  After 6-7 months of near constant use  And I also had to replace the printbed, I cracked it removing a long build, most likely my fault for being impatient about removing the print.   But with the parts already on hand it just a matter of taking it apart and replacing them.  The printer does come with a warranty, but since I could see what the problem was, I just went ahead and replaced the parts myself.  There are alot of aftermarket mods you can do.  Anywhere from reloading old cartridges, to replacing the standard printer software.  But I do not have a interest in doing anything like that at this moment, so you will have to research those options on your own.

     As far as the printing quality goes.  I think it does very well.  I usually use the excellent setting and the slow print speed for most of my prints.   I have had a few failed prints, mostly due to the first couple layers not sticking correctly and end up coming back to a ball of filament on the end of the print nozzle.  This is mainly due to the glue wearing out and me not replacing it as often as I should. 
so here are some print examples.  These are all from Printable Scenery.  Straight off the print bed, with no prep or cleaning completed.

And now some pics for scale, using a Wood Elf Dryad from GW

the walls might look a little short, but the Dryad is on a raised base

The black tree is my most recent print, without supports cleaned off

closer shot

And here are a few I have of a tree I cleaned up and painted.  Using this method 

there are a few spots where I could have cleaned it up better

But for table top use, I think it will be fine.

     Overall, I have enjoyed playing around with this.  I think it will be awesome for terrain and widgets for gaming.  But as far as printing out entire armies, eh.  You could possibly do it, but you are not going to get the detail we get from miniature companies.  

     I am going to try to do some acetone washing in the next week or so.  I can can get these primed and painted.  I also am going to print out a few more trees so I can do some wood bases also.  


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